About David Hill


David Hill has been surrounded by photography since his birth in Hamilton, Ontario.

Steeped in the mix of family albums and keen parents he nurtured the visual skills that are needed to pursue a career in commercial photography.

His work has taken an interesting meander through the world of portraits, products, places and ultimately personal artwork; led strongly by the desire to be original and creative.

By using resourceful abilities David has had the good fortune to photograph for clients in Canada and abroad providing creative services for Art Directors, Designers and various Companies.

The challenge has been to provide professional standards for his clients. Most often this has been accomplished with imagination under less than ideal circumstances.

David’s creative horizon has expanded in recent times to include assemblages. These “Shapeshifters”are by nature a reconstruction of forgotten things put together with wire and screws, nails and glue, presenting something not quite real yet full of life.

It is David’s greatest desire in life to sustain and remain curious about these wonderful art forms. He invites you to travel that road with him while you use this web site.